We had rarely seen in cricket when the players retired out in between the match and for the first time in IPL history, Ravichandran Ashwin became the first player to retire out after scoring 28 runs off 24 balls against Lucknow Super Giants in the 19th over of the match. 

Later reports said there were no signs of injuries, and it was uncertain whether it was Ashwin's or management's decision. 

And from the International Cricket Council (ICC) point of view, 

"a batter can be 'retired out' during a dead ball situation after informing the on-field umpires."

And according to ICC law,

 "A batter may retire at any time during his/her innings when the ball is dead. The umpires, before allowing play to proceed, shall be informed of the reason for a batter retiring,".

The fans started lauding the bowler for his bold move and once you retire out you cannot come and bat again, unlike if it's retired in injury when the player can leave the field due to injury and can come back to bat. 

But the team's captain Sanju Samson revealed it was the team's decision to pull off a surprising retired out on Ashwin. The skipper stated, "It's about being Rajasthan Royals (Ashwin's retired-out). We keep trying different things. Have been talking about it before the season. We thought that if some situation occurred, we could use it. It was a team decision."

According to MCC Law 25.4.3, "if a batter retires for any reason other than as in 25.4.2 (retires because of illness, injury or any other unavoidable cause), the innings of that batter may be resumed only with the consent of the opposing captain. If for any reason his/her innings is not resumed, that batter is to be recorded as 'Retired - out'."

Although this is the first time a player has retired out in IPL, there have been many instances in other competitions, and we will take you to those moments. 

#1 Shahid Afridi Pakistanis vs Northants Tour Match, 2010 

#2 Sonam Tobgay Bhutan vs Maldives T20I, 2019

#3 Sunzamul Islam Cumilla Warriors vs CC BPL 2019

Cover Credits: RajasthanRoyalsofficial