Cricket gives a few hilarious or costly dropped catches in the history of the sport. Some of the dropped catches are due to an error in judgement, but others are down to just miscommunication among the cricketers. Here are a few worst, hilarious or downright silly dropped catches in the history of the sport.

1) Shoaib Malik and Saeed Ajmal's dropped catch

In an ODI match against West Indies, Pakistan pair of Shoaib Malik and Saeed Ajmal were in for an embarrassment for letting in go an easy catch due to a misunderstanding. As Chris Gayle mistimed a shot, the ball went high up in the air, with Malik and Ajmal closing in for the catch. 

Ajmal had his hand folded to grab the ball and his eye was glued on it, while Malik was in his position to let Ajmal grab the honours. But to everyone amusement, Ajmal let it go, hoping Malik will catch it, while Malik let it go thinking Ajmal is going for it. 

The ball, however, landed between the two, with both the players making a fool of themselves and subjected themselves to various memes.

2) Herschelle Gibbs dropping Steve Waugh

This was probably the costliest dropped catch in the history of the game. Australia was facing a do or die clash against South Africa in the 1999 World Cup Super Six clash against South Africa. A loss would see Australia take the early flight back home. 

Australia looked in trouble chasing a big total, and captain Steve Waugh was the last hope. But Herschelle Gibbs dropped a catch off Waugh’s bat while he was trying to throw it up in the air to celebrate the dismissal. 

Waugh reportedly commented, ‘You just dropped the World Cup’. Waugh went on to score a ton and win the match for Australia who again faced South Africa in the semifinal. Australia tied the semis to book a ticket to the final and eventually won the cup.

3) Kamran Akmal – the master dropper

If there is someone called a brilliant keeper, then there is someone who is horrible with the gloves. Kamran Akmal of Pakistan has various videos to his credit of his numerous dropped catches behind the wickets. 

And it’s not just dropping sitters, but also letting go of catches between him and the first slip despite committing to the catch. He also has a history of ruining catches of other fielders. In one match, he disrupted a simple caught and bowled chance of a bowler to drop an easy catch. 

In another incident, he was too lazy to stump a batsman despite having the ball firmly in his gloves, making the batsman regains his crease with ease. 

If you ever feel you are having a bad day, just search for Kamran Akmal on YouTube. It will definitely make your day.

4) Joe Denly drops a sitter 

Joe Denly dropped Kane Williamson  Dropped catches
Joe Denly dropped Kane Williamson (Pic credits: Sky News)

The ball was coming at comfortable knee level and off Kiwi captain Kane Williamson’s bat, and it’s a sin to drop the catch of a star player like him. But England fielder Joe Denly drops a sitter. 

Bowler Jofra Archer, who had started celebrating much before the ball has reached Denly, was left in a state of shock and despair. Denly slumped to the ground to hide his embarrassment. There could not have been an easier catch than that. 

Cover picture credits: Yahoo Sport Australia