There is no denial that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the one of the best captains to lead Indian team. The former skipper holds several records to his name including the only captain to win all the 3 ICC tournaments. 

After, the horrific exit from 2007 World cup, Indian team were in a dire need of a captain to take over. Dhoni was thus appointed as captain and the decision was approved by most of the senior players. Then rest as we know is history being created.

With MS Dhoni not seen in action after the 2019 World Cup, speculations remain whether he would wear the blue again. The 39-year old was supposed to lead CSK in the IPL 2020, but with the lockdown playing spoilsport, the fans are on bay to see the return of the star. Ever since he took over captaincy he has been grooming the youngsters and has bought up many youngsters and moulded them. 

Even when Virat Kohli took over the captaincy from Dhoni, Kohli tweeted - You (MS Dhoni) will always remain my captain. Several players have been expressing their keenness on the return of the former World cup winning captain. The recent one being the 29-year old leg spinner Yuzendra Chahal.

In the recent interview with TImes of India, he expressed how much he respects MS Dhoni and how he understands his problems just from his body language.He also called him the ‘Problem solver’ for him and Kuldeep Yadav. Further, spoke about how the former captain helped him pick wicket during a match.

“Mahi bhai is one of the best and greatest India has ever produced. He has helped me and Kuldeep during matches. Sometimes, a batsman hits me for boundaries, and then Mahi Bhai comes, puts his hands around my shoulder and says ‘isko googly daal, ye nahi khel payega’(bowl him a googly,he won't be able to hit), Tips from him really works well in the team’s favour,” Yuzvendra Chahal told the Times of India. 

MS Dhoni and Yuzvendra Chahal   Dhoni
MS Dhoni and Yuzvendra Chahal (Image Credits: Essentiallysports)

He recollected one of the instances when Tom Latham was continuously playing sweep against him and he was really disappointed as even being sweeped even for his googlies and leg spins. That's when the former captain went to him and advised him to pitch the ball up and keep the line the same and to his surprise,Latham was dismissed the very next ball.

He also spoke on how MS Dhoni takes over the captaincy after 40 overs as Virat Kohli being one of the best fielders in the team places himself in the boundary towards the death overs. That's when MS Dhoni takes over.

“After 40 overs Virat bhaiya fields at the boundary and you need someone to teach you and guide you. Sometimes, I look at Mahi Bhai and he gets to know from my body language that I want to ask something or have some confusion. He comes to me and resolves those issues.

“50 percent of the problem he solves before I come on to bowl. The same happens with Kuldeep too. He(Dhoni) is a problem solver for Kuldeep and me, the 29-year old added.

At present doubts cloud up over the return of the World cup winning captain, but he remains silent and has put the doubts to bed yet. Only time can answer the doubts and if we could see the Legend wear the blues again.

Yuzendra Chahal has played 52 ODIs for Team India and has claimed 91 wickets at an economy of 5.08 and average of 25.84. In T20Is, the leg spinner has played 42 matches and claimed 55 wickets at an economy of 8.19 and average of 24.35.

Cover Credits: SportsZone