This article will rank the top fives teams who have gone on a losing spree in the IPL history. 

Winning is very important in IPL and in sports generally, this decides your fate in the tournament and also your status. For some teams winning is a habit for them, while others struggle to make an impact. 

In IPL 2022, Mumbai Indians are the first team to lose five games on the trot, and now Mumbai Indians slumped to their fifth defeat in yesterday's match, which undermined their status in IPL. Despite winning the five trophies, MI will now be on the list of those teams who have lost a plethora of matches in a single season and to make things worse they stand to be the only team to start their season with 5 losses on two occasions.

With this, we bring other top five teams in IPL who have gone on a losing streak in IPL.  

#1 Delhi Daredevils (11) 

Delhi Daredevils – Good but not good enough
source- Cricket Dawn

Delhi became the first team in IPL to lose 11 games on the trot, and it’s the longest losing streak in IPL history. Their mundane performance saw them losing 11 consecutive games until the start of 2016’s season. 

This was the second time they were on a losing spree, as they had already tasted the consecutive defeats in 2009. the double Ds started 2015 with two defeats before Yuvraj Singh and Mayank Agarwal saved the team from another embarrassment in the new season after almost 350 winless days.

#2 Pune Warriors (11) 

Pune Warriors celebrate the fall of a wicket | Photo | Indian Premier  League | ESPNcricinfo.com
source- ESPNcrickinfo

The only team to have complemented Delhi is Pune in consecutive defeats in IPL. Pune were the most incompetent team in IPL. Their 11 losses began during the tail end of 2012 and continued till next year’s iteration. 

Although the team did manage to eke out a few wins, before embarking on another losing streak soon after. 

#3 Pune Warriors (9)

The Pune Warriors strike a happy pose ahead of the game | Photo | Indian  Premier League | ESPNcricinfo.com
source- ESPNcrickinfo

Pune Warriors have certainly not enjoyed great campaigns in IPL when they were in this distinguished tournament for a few seasons. They were the most inconsistent team in IPL who lost have lost more games than they have had won. 

In 2013 the team commenced on another losing spree despite having Yuvraj Singh and Steve Smith on the team. They tasted very fewer wins and had the dubious distinction of becoming the second IPL team to be on the consecutive losing side. 

#4 Kolkata Knight Riders (9)

Kolkata Knight Riders celebrate the fall of a wicket | Photo | Indian  Premier League | ESPNcricinfo.com
source- ESPNcrickinfo

KKR is the third to have most IPL trophies after MI and CSK, and it was pretty strange to see the Bengal-based team be on this list of consecutive defeats. Kolkata hit rock bottom once in 2009 when they started losing games, which eventually continued until nine games despite having Chris Gayle and Sourav Ganguly. 

Although many say, it was a change in weather because the 2009 IPL was played in South Africa. But it was just a short run, and KKR quickly rose through the ranks and won another trophy subsequently. 

#5 Delhi Daredevils (8) 

Delhi Daredevils vs Mumbai Indians stats highlights: IPL 2014 Match No 16 |  Cricket Country
source- Cricketcountry.com

Despite having the firepower of Virendra Sehwag and the speedster Morne Morkel, Delhi still failed to win a game in 2012. They lost 8 fixtures in a row till the end of the 2012 season, and were given a tag of ‘perennial underachievers.’ 

But in 2013, they were able to overcome their 8 successive defeats and then sailed on another 11 consecutive defeats in the 2014-15 season. After four years, the Delhi giants changed their name to Delhi Capitals and saw an upturn in their form; since then, they have not looked back.

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