This pandemic has been the greatest humanitarian crisis the world has seen. Many people have lost their lives, their livelihood, and have been displaced from their homes. India has been the worst hit with the crisis as they have posted a record downfall in GDP in the June quarter, while they are on the 2nd spot in the list of most coronavirus cases in the world. 

Sports has been hit hard too. But football has kick-started behind closed doors. Cricket has started in England and the IPL 2020 is set to kick-start from September 19 in UAE.

For Indian fans, who feed on regular action of cricket, it has been a long period of inactivity. They last saw their favourite cricketers ply their trade on the field was in New Zealand six months ago, however, since then, cricket in India has come to a standstill. 

This IPL, although it would be happening in UAE, gives a great hope to Indian fans to relive their cricketing memories. Here are some reasons why this IPL means so much to the Indian fans.

Relive the cricketing magic

IPL Fans   IPL
IPL Fans (Picture credits - Deccan Chronicle)

Cricket is not only a sport in India, but a religion. India lives on the overdose of cricket. And 6 months without cricket would have been nothing but a nightmare for Indian fans. Hence, this IPL season would give Indian fans the chance to relive their cricketing memories all over again as it’s unlikely cricket will happen soon in India with the pandemic spreading to the nook and corner of the country. IPL would unite Indian fans again to cheer for RCB, KKR, CSK and root for their favourite men in yellow, blue, red, and purple.

A chance to beat the stress

IPL 2020  IPL
IPL 2020 (Picture credits - Cricket Times)

This pandemic has been stressful for all, even those who have not been directly affected with it as they have to strictly stay at home, and adhere to safety regulations. And those who have been affected with it, and are fighting their best to beat the virus, would have been under tremendous pressure, stigma, and stress to overcome this difficult phase. Hence, for all, IPL would be a great stress-buster, and forgot the pandemic for once, and enjoy pure cricketing fun.

Good for the economy


The Indian economy has been brutally battered by this pandemic. It has been the worst affected among all major countries in the world. Hence, when Indian cricketers participate in this IPL extravaganza in UAE, it would be a great boost to the economy as there will be an exchange of money, transactions, huge salaries paid to players, and staff, and all will come back to the Indian economy, although the tournament will be played in UAE.

A great way to spend time

Indian cricketers who used to play round the clock and complained of fatigue would have just the hated the period of zero activity during the pandemic. They would be just raring to have a go on the cricket field once the season starts. And not only them, Indian fans too would find a great way to spend time now, over a game of cricket as halls, theatres still remain closed in the country. Hence, IPL would offer great evening entertainment once people wrap up work.

But with some players pulling out of a tournament for various reasons, it does put a dampener on the tournament, but such is the situation now, something is better than nothing for Indian fans. 

Cover picture credits - The Logical Indian