Indian middle-order batsman Ajinkya Rahane was once again in the center of embarrassing run-outs when he was found short of crease early in his innings in the first Test against England. 

A run-out in Test cricket is considered embarrassing as there is no worry about slow run-rate, and hence, batsmen can take their time to judge ones and twos properly. Sometimes, batsmen when batting with tailenders skip the singles to retain strikes. And hence, running for a tight single and losing a wicket in Test cricket are not justified. 

But Test cricket produces embarrassing run-outs that batsmen have to live up with it in their cricketing lives. Cricwizz takes a look at some of the embarrassing run-outs in Test cricket.

Misbah-ul-Haq’s run-out in Delhi Test in 2007

Misbah-ul-Haq of Pakistan suffered an embarrassing run-out – all of his doing – against India in the Delhi Test in 2007. After he pushed a ball from Sourav Ganguly to point to Dinesh Karthik, he ran for a quick single. Karthik made a direct hit attempt at the non-striker’s end. Misbah ran to cover his ground but jumped on the crease to evade the ball, and as he was in the air, the ball hit the stumps with nothing of his bat or body touching the ground.

Alastair Cook’s run-out in Kolkata Test in 2012

England captain Alastair Cook was batting in 190 when he was run-out in a comical fashion. The on-strike batsman Jonathan Trott had played a delivery straight to square leg fielder Virat Kohli, who saw Cook slightly ahead of the crease. Kohli attempted a hit at Cook's stumps. But by then Cook had already made his ground. However, when Cook saw the ball could hit him, he took evasive action and lifted his bat out of the crease. And at that very moment, the ball hit the stumps, and he was run-out for 190.

Runako Morton’s run-out against New Zealand in 2006

West Indian Morton was involved in a comical run-out with his skipper Shivnarine Chanderpaul in the 2006 Test against New Zealand. He played a delivery to mid-on fielder Daniel Vettori and called for a single. Chanderpaul took a few steps ahead and seeing no chance of a run attempted to return to his crease. 

Morton was run-out and was furious with his skipper. However, after the decision was referred with the third umpire, it was concluded Morton grounded the ball first on the non-striker’s end before Chanderpaul, and hence, the West Indian skipper has to make his way back to the pavilion.

Inzamam-ul-Haq’s run-outs

Pakistan cricketer Inzamam-ul-Haq is infamous for his bizarre run-outs. In fact, there is a collection of his run-outs. One of the weirdest run-outs of Inzy in Test cricket includes a run-out where he was found not grounded right on his striker’s end. In a Test against England, Inzy smashed a ball straight to bowler Steve Harmison who threw the ball back at the batsman’s stumps. Inzy took evasive action but as the ball hit the stumps, Inzy’s bat and right foot were in the air, and his left foot was outside the crease, and he was ruled run-out.

Cover image courtesy: BCCI