Recently, Sri Lankan cricketer Danushka Gunathilaka was controversially given out obstructing the field in the first ODI against West Indies. Gunathilaka had defended a delivery from West Indian Kieron Pollard and moved a few steps ahead for a run. Pollard then sensed a chance of a run-out and rushed to grab the ball. 

Gunathilala then moved back only to hit the ball with his leg and deflect it away from the West Indian all-rounder. Pollard appealed for obstructing the field, and it was upheld. Later, Gunathilaka said Pollard apologized to him for the appeal as the West Indian felt the Sri Lankan cricketer did not hit the ball with his leg intentionally. 

Here are a few more controversial dismissals in the world of cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar's run out in 1999 Kolkata Test against Pakistan

In the Eden Gardens Test of 1999 against Pakistan, Sachin Tendulkar was controversially run-out causing uproar among the fans. The match was interrupted as fans went berserk as they showed their displeasure on Sachin's being given run-out. Sachin then had to walk around the ground and pacify the fans, and request them to let the match continue. 

During the match, Sachin was walking towards the crease after a run, and was looking at the ball, and not the stumps. He grounded his bat but collided with Shoaib Akhtar fielding at the crease, and the impact made him lose his ground, and at that very moment, substitute Nadeem Khan's throw from the deep hit the stumps directly, catching Sachin short of the crease. 

Pakistan players appealed and it was upheld as Sachin's bat was not grounded at the time stumps were rattled although he had grounded the bat a few seconds before.

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R Ashwin mankads Jos Buttler in IPL 2019

The then Kings XI Punjab skipper R Ashwin dragged himself in unwanted controversy after he mankaded Jos Buttler of Rajasthan Royals. Although Ashwin was in his right to Mankad Buttler, what drew the ire of fans and critics was that Buttler was unfairly given out Mankad as the Englishman was allegedly following the ball to be delivered from Ashwin’s hands rather than being away from the crease willfully to take undue advantage. 

However, the umpire went by the rules and gave Buttler out. But Buttler was not pleased. However, Ashwin stuck to his stand, stating he will again mankad players if they are not in their crease at the time of delivery. Later, many players, including David Warner of Sunrisers Hyderabad, mocked Ashwin by staying away from the crease but held out the bat on the line to signify he is in the crease whenever the Indian off-spinner bowled.

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Stokes out obstructing the field                

Stokes has been drawn in numerous controversies throughout his career. His obstructing the field dismissal in an ODI against Australia tops the list of controversies he has been involved in. He played a delivery from Mitchell Starc straight to the bowler, but the Australian responded with a throw at the stumps, sensing an opportunity to run the Englishman out. 

However, Stokes put his left hand out in an evasive action only for the ball to hit his gloves and miss the stumps. Starc appealed and Stokes was given out. However, England captain Eoin Morgan maintained it was not intentional and just a normal evasive action. 

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Sachin Tendulkar given out LBW off McGrath

In the 1999 Adelaide Test, Sachin Tendulkar has declared out lbw after delivery from Glenn McGrath hit his shoulder as the then Indian cricket captain ducked to the bouncer, but the ball kept low. Umpire Daryll Harper ruled Sachin out LBW after a loud appeal from the Australian fielders. It was infamously dubbed as Shoulder Behind Wicket as fans and critics were divided that the ball would have missed the stumps, and Sachin was not out. 

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Cover image: Danushka Gunathilaka

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