Three new rules have been unveiled by the Big Bash League starting from December 10 which will be the competition’s 10th edition. ‘Power Surge’, ‘X-factor Player,’ and ‘Bash Boost’ are the names of the rules and are devised in order to mitigate any kind of boredom from the game.  

The ‘Power Surge’ is basically a two-over period where the fielding side is bound to keep only two fielders outside the inner ring. The batting side can take it anytime after the 11th over of the innings. The rule has led to the powerplay being cut short by two overs. That means every team will have a four-over powerplay at the beginning of their batting.

Power Surge BBL
Power Surge (image credits- jhalak.com)

The ‘X-factor Player’ will be the 12th or 13th player, who can become an active part of the game at the 10th over of the first innings, replacing any player who hasn’t batted or not bowled more than a single over. 

X- Factor BBL
X- Factor (image credits- indianarrative.com)

The ‘Bash Boost’ is not precisely a rule but more of a bonus point given midway through the second innings. The side that is chasing will be rewarded with the bonus point, “if they’re above the equivalent 10-over score of their opposition”. However, if the bowling side restricts the team from scoring more than what they scored in the first ten overs then they will be provided with the point.  

Bash Boost BBL
Bash Boost (image credits- twitter.com)

This means that every team will now be contesting for four points every game instead of the usual three that was changed from two in the past. Cricket Australia’s Head of Big Bash League, Alistair Dobson also shared his thoughts on this.  

He said, “The introduction of these new innovations is yet another reason why the KFC BBL 10 season is set up to be the most exciting in the league’s history. We’re confident our fans will love what these innovations bring to the game as many of the world’s top T20 players, plus our next generation of Australian stars, bring them to life on field.”

The KFC Big Bash League’s Player acquisition and cricket consultant, said, “The best T20 leagues across the globe are the ones that continue to innovate, push the boundaries and challenge the status quo. The introduction of  these new Playing Conditions firmly puts the KFC Big Bash League in that category.”

Featured image credits- cricxtasy.com