Fantasy Sports, once limited to football and basketball, is making huge inroads into cricket-mad nations such as India. In the light of the ubiquity of smartphones, cheapening of mobile data, and exponential growth of online transactions, fantasy cricket apps are gaining a significant chunk of popularity.

Fun and excitement along with the ability to manage a team virtually and utilization of sports knowledge are the key motivators for engagement in fantasy cricket. Moreover, increased engagement in fantasy sports is expected to aid in the decline of illegal sports betting in the long run.

Given the popularity of cricket in India, it was unsurprising to see cricket as the first online game for fantasy sports in the country. With an escalation in active partnership in sports associations, leagues, and fantasy platforms, a number of fantasy cricket application providers are focusing on unique offerings to gain a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Baazigr11 Fantasy Cricket Game 

Baazigr11 – Moving Beyond the Age-old Concept

In most fantasy sports or fantasy cricket applications, sports teams can participate by creating a virtual team of real-life players from both the teams. Based on the actual statistical performance of each player during the real-life match, the virtual team earns points.

However, in most of the fantasy cricket apps available today, only 10-15% of the users are likely to win the maximum number of prizes, which in turn disappoints the remaining users. This has led to the development of ‘Baazigr11’ – the world’s first inverse fantasy cricket app.

In contrast to the primary concept of winning based on the best on-field performance of the players, Baazigr11 allows users to win prizes when the team performs badly. Such an interesting turn of events was conceptualized to let more users win most of the prizes.

According to Baazigr11 developers, fantasy sports should not be restricted to fans with great knowledge of the game. This has prompted the need for developing a platform that allows any user to gain prizes by creating a team which is anticipated to perform badly in the matches.

The basic goal of Baazigr11 is to present a fantasy cricket platform to the common public, irrespective of their knowledge about the game.

How Does the App Work?

  • Entry fee of several contests in the application ranges from ₹40-₹1150
  • A user can create a losing team and join a contest after making the payment
  • A user is allowed to make unlimited changes to the team before the match
  • To ensure transparency, the user is also allowed to see the performance of the rivals team
  • After the on-field match ends, the winners (or the losing team) are declared
  • Users can withdraw the winning amount after completing the KYC process

Today, fantasy sports not only increase sports consumption but also share a symbiotic relationship with real-life sports. A number of sports associations and leagues are also using the platform as a significant tool for fan engagement.

Baazigr11, in particular, offers a unique opportunity for fans to play fantasy cricket with friends, family, and other fans across India and all over the world.

Inspired by the Hindi movie dialogue, "Haar ke Jeetne wale ko Baazigar Kehte hai" that means a person who wins after facing defeat is called Baazigar, the name of the app is aimed at motivating engagement in fantasy cricket.

Download the app here - https://baazigr11.com/