April 02, 2020

Dear readers,

My appeal to you today is accompanied by the tremendous excitement that has historical significance.

New technological maturity allows us to make an unprecedented change in the structure of our activity. During the upcoming year, we will introduce an innovative platform that will set an unprecedented change in the media industry, providing a reward to readers for each activity and involvement in the content uploaded on the site.

Any content contribution from columns and analysis, to posts, sharing and even clicking “Like” will result in a material reward.

You have turned our site from a standard sports coverage site into a growing community of sports fans who create together: blogs, fan discussions, quizzes and the crowning glory – writing and sharing content from the perspective of sports fans. Now it is clear to us that you can actualize the vision that motivated us in setting up the site, placing the sports fan in the center.

We think that the future is based on partnerships between publications and their audiences. Readers should have a significant place in the reward mechanism as they are the cause that drives sponsors to advertise in any media. To our delight, just at this time, revolutionary technology has reached maturity, with the help of which we can achieve our vision and change the way sports media works.

You’ll probably ask – how is all this going to work? The innovative method is based on algorithms, which will be implemented into the site’s system, allowing them to scan any activity of a user on the site, such as content writing, content sharing, opinions and participation in quizzes. Even the passive reader who barely clicks LIKE will be given a relative score for his contribution and will be rewarded accordingly.

It’s that simple! While the conservative media dictate its readers what to read and when, with SportCo things are about to change. You will be able to influence the site’s content, and you’re going to get rewarded for it!

To build the mechanics needed to operate such a platform, we will use our existing brand “SportCo”. The platform that will drive SportCo will be based on the innovative Blockchain technology. This technology enables us to intelligently run the autonomous reward system, in a way that has not been done before in sports media.

The material compensation will be awarded to the readers in the form of tokens. Each holder will benefit from an innovative sports coin that will bring together the fans of the various sports. In this way, we plan to create a huge membership club that will receive discounts and exclusive benefits from many companies and advertisers. These organizations will sponsor SportCo’s community with everything a sports fan wants to achieve: sports equipment, game tickets, souvenirs, sports apparel & merchandise.

We acknowledge your passion for the game, the need to write and share your thoughts. Unlike social networks who gained volume based on your engagement while avoiding from compensating you, we believe that you are entitled to be rewarded for that.

Dear readers, the technology has given us a huge opportunity. We invite you to join SportCo and become the first to take part in future of sports media.

Stay tuned! Registration opens soon.

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