Virat Kohli posted an update on social media but sadly, it was not a workout video or promotion of any brand. Virat Kohli announced that he will be stepping down as India's T20 captain post the upcoming ICC World T20. Kohli's approach as a captain was always different. 

So we at Cricwizz present you today with some possible reasons that led Kohli to make this decision, his possible replacement, its aftermath, and also, whether or not it was the right decision.

What led him to this decision?

Virat Kohli mentioned in his announcement post that the decision came after a lot of thought, consultation, and in an attempt to alleviate his workload as he continues to lead India in Tests and ODIs. Virat Kohli has been India's skipper in 45 T20Is and has won 27 of them, with a win percentage of over 65%. So why step down now?

Comparisons making sense

Well, people had foreseen this happening but the timing would be such was not expected by anyone. Since India's dramatic exit from the Cricket World Cup 2019 and years of poor performances by his IPL franchise, Royal Challengers Bangalore, there were always rumors suggesting that Kohli wouldn't continue as India's T20 captain.

A certain section of cricket viewers were already wishing for the same and even had his replacement ready. Any guesses? Yes, Rohit Sharma. 

While RCB's IPL performances instilled this thought in their minds, it was Sharma's brilliant captaincy that convinced a significant section of people that he could be Virat Kohli's successor. Rohit Sharma has led Mumbai Indians to five IPL titles, two more than any captain. 

Moreover, Rohit Sharma has come out as the more clever captain when it comes to clutch situations. His decision-making and his ability to show trust in his players has been the pivotal reason why Mumbai Indians are the most successful franchise. Rohit Sharma has also led India in 15 T20Is out of which India have gloried in 12.

A plethora of competent replacements

Becoming India's T20 captain is not the same as leading an IPL team but it is safe to say that India have some great prospects to lead the side. The first preference and the most probable is Rohit Sharma but recently, Sunil Gavaskar rightly said that if Sharma's age was a concern, KL Rahul could be groomed as a captain. 

The explosive batsman is already leading his IPL franchise Punjab Kings since last season and has contrived to come out as another contender for the vacant captaincy spot. Shreyas Iyer's comeback in the Indian side isn't ascertained yet but even he possesses great leadership qualities. Rishabh Pant too has shown great captaincy skills in the IPL but it would be too early to make a call on his role as the captain.

The aftermath

Well, the decision has been taken. So now the best option is to hope that we witness a noticeable change in Kohli's batting post World Cup.

It shouldn't be a big concern as we will still see him in the team doing what MS Dhoni did to him once. Unless it's Rohit Sharma, any other player who would be chosen to lead India will have not just Kohli but Rohit available too for advice at various stages of the game.

Was it a good decision or a bad decision?

Despite Kohli's great record as India's T20 captain, it is a good decision because you want your players to be in the best condition physically and mentally.

Kohli has always been a player who never backed away from any opportunity and if he feels it is time, so be it. Another good thing about this is that Kohli stepping down confirms that just like England and Australia even India will be adopting split-captaincy which could subject the team to a different approach that inspires them to give their best.

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