Virat Kohli took to Instagram to 'end the debate' over the best fielder in the current Indian squad.Virat Kohli, since taking the leadership role from MS Dhoni, has made Team India one of the fittest sides in the international circuit. Virat Kohli is an outstanding fielder who throws himself around to save every possible run for his team and has taken some exceptional catches on the field. However, the India captain feels that it is Ravindra Jadeja who is the best fielder in the current Indian squad. In response to a question posted on Twitter by Star Sports, Virat Kohli said he will pick Ravindra Jadeja every time to knock down the stumps with a direct hit. "Jaddu.Everytime. End of debate," Kohli commented on the post.

Image Credits- sportsIndiashow

Indian cricketers, much like other sports persons, are spending time at home amid the lockdown which is in place as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus pandemic.Former and current members of Team India are using social media to connect with their fans and keep them entertained during this lockdown phase.

Last week, Virat Kohli posted a throwback picture with his wife Anushka Sharma recalling memories of a vacation."Throwback To the soft winds, rustle of trees, touch of that winter snow.... All things we are eternally grateful for. Like we have always been," Indian captain Virat Kohli captioned the picture of him posing with Anushka in a balcony with snow-clad mountains in the background. "

On the other hand, Ravindra Jadeja posted a video on Instagram in which the all-rounder can be seen wielding his sword in his lawn in Jamnagar.