With power plays, short boundaries, and high-flying sixes becoming the ever-increasing trend in modern cricket. The abilities of teams to score runs are increasing as time progresses. When the first-ever ODI match took place in 1971, it took more than 4 years for the first 300 plus total in ODI as England scored 334/4 against India, coincidently same day New Zealand also scored the big score soon followed by Australia and Pakistan.

India was the last team to score their first 300 plus total among the Test-playing nations. And since then India has scored the most 300 plus total and in December 2017 they became the first team to score 300 plus total more than 100 times in ODIs. 

Here are the top 5 teams with the most 300 plus totals.

1) India (120)

India ODI

India, who played their first ODI on 13 July 1974, have appeared in 993 ODIs, the most among all teams, and registered 300-plus scores on 120 occasions. Their first 300-plus score was made against Pakistan in a match they won by 28 runs after batting first and scoring 305/5. India’s highest score of 414/7 came against Sri Lanka resulting in a thrilling 3 run victory after Sri Lanka were restricted to 411/8.

2) Australia (111)

Australia ODI

Australia have scored 300-plus scores 111 times in 955 matches, registering their first such score against Sri Lanka in June 1975. Batting first, Australia scored 328/5 before limiting Sri Lanka to 276/4. The Aussies recorded their highest score of 434/4 batting first against South Africa in Johannesburg in March 2006. Extraordinarily, the score wasn’t big enough as the proteas managed to chase it down with a wicket to spare.

3) South Africa (85)

South Africa ODI
South Africa

South Africa have registered 300-plus scores in 85 out of 628 matches played by them. They got their first such score against New Zealand in December 1994. South Africa batted first and scored 314/7 before bowling out New Zealand for 233. They recorded their highest score of 438/9 against Australia in Johannesburg when they were set 436 to win by Australia who batted first. 

4) England (82)

England ODI

With 755 ODIs played, England have scored 300-plus runs on 82 occasions. They accomplished the feat for the first time against India in June 1975. Batting first, they scored 334/4 before restricting India to 132/3. England made their highest ever score against Australia in June 2018. Batting first, England scored 481/6, which is the record for the highest score in ODIs.

5) Pakistan (83)

Pakistan ODI

Pakistan have featured in 933 matches overall scoring 300-plus scores 78 times. They achieved the milestone for the first time against Sri Lanka in June 1975. Batting first, Pakistan posted a score of 330/6 before they bowled out the Lankans for 138. They registered their highest score of 399/1 batting first against Zimbabwe in July 2018. In response, Zimbabwe managed to score only 155.

Bangladesh is the team with the lowest number of 300-plus scores among the test playing nations, achieving the feat only 19 times after playing 382 ODIs with their highest score ever being 333. With West Indies being the team with the second least amount of 300-plus scores, scoring it 50 times. 

While a score of 300 runs was very much seen as a winning scores, today the score of 300 is considered a minor score. Any team would want to score above 300 minimum in modern cricket. 

Let us know your comments on how cricket has evolved and which team has surprised you the most.