Test cricket requires a lot of patience, composure, and mental strength in any department be it fielding, bowling, or batting. The format looks slow-paced but it doesn't take much time to drain you completely. As far as batting is concerned, we often see batsmen playing out the first session in an attempt to score runs but prioritize saving their wickets first. 

Usually, it's the second session when the runs start to flow. However, there have been quite a few innings when the players went all guns blazing in an attempt to score more runs. So today, let's have a look at the highest strike rates in Test cricket.

1) Virender Sehwag (India)

Virender Sehwag, as well all know was one of the most destructive batsmen that graced the sport. Irrespective of who the bowler was, his experience in the game, or his seniority, nothing mattered to Sehwag when he was on the crease.

The second Indian to score a double-century in ODIs and the only Indian to score a couple of triple centuries, it must be quite evident how fast Sehwag used to score. Not to forget, he could've become the first and the only player to have scored three triple centuries but he was dismissed on 293.

Sehwag's strike rate of 82.23 is the highest in Test cricket and there cannot be many doubts about it.


2) Adam Gilchrist (Australia)

Another opening batsman who was one of a kind, Adam Gilchrist had a persona that very few had. An aggressive batsman and a world-class wicket-keeper, Gilchrist was an influential part of Australia that conquered everything that came in its way in the 2000s. Gilchrist was quite accurate with his strokes but he could hammer the ball as well. Gilchrist's average of 81.96 is the second-best and to maintain that in a career of 96 Tests, it is commendable.


3) David Warner (Australia)

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Warner has had his share of tough times but nothing can take away his explosive batting nature that has prevailed over the years. There have been lapses in performances at times but who doesn't go through a rough patch in their career?

The left-hander is one of the ideal examples of the modern-era batsman and he's a batsman who has proven his versatility in Test and limited-overs cricket. Warner's strike rate of 72.04 is quite impressive considering that the Australian has featured in almost 90 Tests.


4) Stuart Broad (England)

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You may be confused seeing Broad's name here but the reality always hits hard and the fact that Broad is fourth in the list cannot be ignored. 

Broad made the headlines for the first time after he was thrashed six sixes in an over by Yuvraj Singh in the inaugural T20 World Cup. However, that's the last you've seen Broad that low in his career. Since then, Broad not only became an exquisite bowler but he showed his potential as a batsman too.

The fact that he has a strike rate of 64.95 after playing 150 Test matches and scoring 3388 runs, Broad needs the recognition he rightfully deserves.


5) Tillakaratne Dilshan (Sri Lanka)

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Dilshan is not the first explosive-minded batsman coming from Sri Lanka but his name in the list shows that he had something the others didn't.

Well, the others are not just others, the likes of Sanath Jayasuriya, Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara, Marvan Atapattu, etc. Dilshan was an aggressor too but his ability to play a shot anywhere on the ground was something that set him apart from the others.

Even though that aspect helped him more in T20s, Dilshan did manage to perform better in Test cricket as well. A strike rate of 65.54 shows how great he was and that his contribution to Sri Lankan cricket cannot be forgotten.


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