India has had several World-class coaches in its history. Whenever a team wins a series or a trophy, the players deserve it the most. However, it's the captain too who comes next as he had the responsibility of being the decision-maker for the team.

However, we often tend to emphasize less on the commendable jobs these coaches do to help any team in its success. A team excels majorly because of the players who play for it but it also takes a lot to be a coach of a side and see an improvement in a team that makes them execute their plans better on the pitch. 

So today we'll have a look at the best Indian coaches that have tenured until now. We'll also see their statistics in ODIs and Tests and also their accomplishments if any.

1) Ravi Shastri 

 Ravi Shastri coaches
 Ravi Shastri (Image credits- dnaindia.com)

One of the most controversial appointments in India's history of cricket coaches, Ravi Shastri took over the beloved Anil Kumble who resigned after admitting that there were discrepancies between the captain and his thoughts. 

Reports emerged that the team also had issues with Kumble's coaching style but the stats displayed a different story. Ravi Shastri was not even in the pecking order to take over, had not applied within the laid deadline but he was still considered and subsequently finalized for the role.

However, the fact that India has achieved so much under him cannot be hidden and India's progression as a test side has been the most visible feat in Shastri's tenure.

India's unprecedented conquest over Australia in Australia also came under Ravi Shastri, while India's disastrous Adelaide collapse also took place in the same series. 

Let's have a look at Ravi Shastri's numbers.

Tests (47)2859.57
ODIs (91)5762.64

2) Gary Kirsten 

Gary Kirsten coaches
Gary Kirsten (Image credits- sweepcricket.com)

One of India's most beloved coaches, not just because India won the World Cup in 2011 under his reign, Kirsten was always known to be a generous coach. 

He was the epitome of how coaches could stay simple yet achieve greatness not just with numbers but also by earning respect from people.

Kirsten was appointed as the India cricket team coach in 2008 and stayed in that position until 2011. In June 2011, he left to take over his homeland South Africa's coach. India had a slow start under him, drawing a series against South Africa, followed by consecutive final losses of the Kitply Cup and the Asia Cup in 2008.

However, it was then Kirsten's time to shine as India's game reached new heights as they clinched the Border-Gavaskar trophy 2-0, won its first Bilateral series in Sri Lanka against the Lankans, and also contrived to beat New Zealand in New Zealand in both format, the Test and the ODIs after 40 long years.

M.S Dhoni gave a perfect description of Gary Kirsten's tenure in 2010 as "The best thing to happen to Indian cricket," and rightly so, just a year later India achieved one of their biggest achievements not just under Kirsten but also in the history of Indian cricket.

India were unfortunate as Gary didn't renew his contract due to family commitments and India had to then look for a replacement. Let's have a look at Kirsten's numbers.

Tests (33)16 48.48
ODIs (93)5963.44

Kirsten's numbers may not be the best but his tenure remains one of the best in India's history of cricket.

3) Duncan Fletcher

Duncan Fletcher coaches
Duncan Fletcher (Image credits- the times.co.uk)

Appointed on Gary Kirsten's recommendation, Duncan Fletcher was another coach that helped India in some of their instrumental victories as a team. India's greatest accomplishment under Fletcher was the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy and Duncan Fletcher's tenure saw its end after India's exit from the 2015 World Cup.

Just like Kirsten, Duncan Fletcher alongside Dhoni assisted several prospects to thrive under an atmosphere that focused on trust and backing.

Players were expected to perform at a certain level and results were also met. 

Duncan Fletcher stats

Tests (39)1333.33
ODIs (108)6560.19

4) John Wright

John Wright coaches
John Wright (Image credits- dnaindia.com)

Wright took over India's cricket team in 2000 and continued to coach India for five years. India's iconic test win at Kolkata against Australia, a masterclass by VVS Laxman took place in Wright's reign and India also drew a test series against Australia in Australia.

India also reached the final of the 2003 World Cup.  India also beat Pakistan in a series but as the team lost form towards his tenure's end, Greg Chappell took over.

John Wright stats

Tests (52)21 40.38
ODIs (130)6852.31

5) Greg Chappell

Greg Chappell coaches
Greg Chappell (Image credits- espncricinfo.com)

A controversial figure in the history of Indian cricket, Greg Chappell tarnished his image more than his stats could cover. From his propaganda against Sourav Ganguly to some disastrous man-management, Chappell was perhaps the lowest point in India's cricket history.

The problems during the Zimbabwe tour in 2005 were only the beginning and what followed was a constant effort to tarnish Indian cricket. Ganguly was first told to step down as the captain and was consequently dropped from the team too, with form being the primary reason.

He was also involved with Harbhajan Singh, Virender Sehwag, and Zaheer Khan, condemning their methods, and finally, after India's exasperating World Cup 2007 display, Chappell parted ways and resigned as the Indian coach.

Greg Chappell stats

Tests (18)738.89
ODIs  (62)3251.61

Apart from the names mentioned above, even Anil Kumble had a fantastic record as the Indian coach. He coached India in 17 Tests, winning 12 of them, while India triumphed in 13 out of 19 ODIs under him.

Had Anil Kumble carried on, would India have managed to possess another ICC trophy? Let us know your thoughts.

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