Ever since the inception of the gentlemen’s game, the sport and its associates have always looked for the most advanced technology in order to overcome the challenges faced by manual decisions. From the introduction of the TV umpire to pick on the finest margins to the Decision review system, which has turned out to be a huge game-changer in recent times. 

The Cricket world now will see the use of the “Smart ball” concept for the first time ever. Well, many of you would be hearing it for the first time. The smart ball and its conceptualization has been in play since the last decade. After various Tests and real-time perceptions, we will see the ball being used for the first time in the upcoming Caribbean Premier League (CPL), which is slated to begin from the 26th of August.

What is the smart ball?

The smart ball, as its name suggests will have a microchip embedded in the core of the kookaburra ball. The chip, for now, is designed to collect the speed/ revolutions and also the power exerted by the bowler whilst releasing the ball. The data is set to be transmitted through BlueTooth and Near field communication systems and the data is expected to be transmitted upto a range of 200 m using advanced sensitive antennas and receivers.

The data parameters that will be provided by the smart ball

The smart ball is designed mainly to analyze and record the bowler’s release energy and the revolutions on the ball in the case of the spinners. In addition, we currently have a set of ways to find the release speed of the ball but with the help of the smart ball, we will also be able to track the speed of the ball after its bounce.

smart ball
(Image Credits: Cricketweekly)

The latest innovation is set to be a great assist for the bowlers as they will now be able to track their movements in real match scenarios which could wonder for the team management is working out a detailed plan. 

Let us have a look at the parameters covered:

# Release spin (pre and post bounce): The revolutions on the ball after the bowler has released the ball as well as after the bounce.

# Pre and Post bounce speed: The speed of the ball whilst the bowler has released the ball and also the speed of the ball once the ball has bounced will be tracked down.

Power: The amount of power exerted by the bowler will also be observed by the chip.

Has the ball been used before?

CPL will be the first professional cricket league to accommodate the smart ball. Yes, many domestic leagues especially in Australia have implemented the concept. 

Smart ball
The core of kookaburra along with the microchip is designed by Sportcor (Image Credits: Cricketzone)

Sportcor and Kookabura join hands

“We took inspiration from nature in the design and looked to how the skull works in protecting the brain.”

- Ben Tattersfield, founder and CEO of Sportcor.

Kookaburra joins hands with Sportcor to establish this great innovation. The core of the usual Kookaburra will be replaced by the uniquely designed core by Sportcor, which will carry the microchip. 

Do let us know on what you think about the latest technological addition in the sport. Do you think the smart ball should be implemented at the biggest stage as well? Also do stay tuned with Cricwizz as we bring you the latest content on regular basis.