“No balls are something which hurt you as a team, and it’s something we hope to rectify and not repeat them in the next games,” -

Virat Kohli

A single mistake from a bowler or batsman has changed many matches in cricket history, costing them a match and affecting their tournament journey. There have been many instances like many bowlers who have crossed the crease while bowling during the last moment of the game has cost them the game leading to elimination from the tournament.

And our team Indian has suffered such heartbreaks in the past few years which they have paid the heavy price for. And our bowlers have been the victim of this incident, not a few, but many times they have changed the entire play of them after stepping over the pitch in the last ball of the game.

As we saw in yesterday's encounter between the Indian women and the South African women, No ball cost the Indian women’s team a place in the semi-final. The Indian team suffered a shocking heartbreak when Lure Mignon du Preez lofted the shot straight into Kaur’s hand to elevate team India's hope of qualifying to the next round alive, however, the batsman was told to wait as the umpire was checking the potential no-ball and Deepti Sharma did overstep the crease while bowling giving South African an advantage in the last over who easily knocked out India in the quarters

So we take a look at those bowlers who have cost us the match in big tournaments.

#1: T20 World Cup- Ravichandran Ashwin vs West indies

After giving a 192 daunting score to West Indies to chase, India fancied their chance of reaching the final of the T20 World Cup as they looked favorites going into this tournament.

The hopes were strengthened when Bumrah dismissed Chris Gayle in the first over, which boosted India’s confidence. Subsequently, Ashwin then dismissed Simmons for 18, but it looked like Ashwin crossed the line as the umpire went upstairs to check possible no-ball, and the doubts were proved right as Ashwin did plant his foot over the crease, giving Simmons a reprieve as this Gave advantage to Simmons, who smashed 82, not out sending India packing out of the tournament.

#2: T20 World Cup 2016, Hardik Pandya vs West Indies 

Hardik Pandya retrieves the ball from umpire Richard Kettleborough after  the wicket of Lendl Simmons was nullified by a no-ball | Photo | World T20  | ESPNcricinfo.com
Hardik Pandya (Image Credits: ESPNofficla)

Not once but twice, India gave West Indies a chance to secure the place in the final of this tournament after Ashwin crossed the line and gave Simmons a reprieve.

The West Indies got another gift from an Indian bowler, and this time it was Hardik Pandya when Simmons smashed a full-toss towards Ashwin, who quickly caught it and Simmons started heading back to his pavilion but was called back as they were another chance of no-ball and it proved right and this time it was Hardik Pandya who stepped-over the crease and gave a lifeline to Simmons who made the most of it and helped his team win the game. 

#3: 2017 Champions Trophy- Jasprit Bumrah vs Pakistan

Sometimes an inch costs moments that takes decades to achieve': Sehwag  reacts to India's 'no ball' heartbreak | Cricket - Hindustan Times
Image Credits: BCCIofficlal

One of the best clashes between the two countries took place in the 2017 Champions Trophy final when Pakistan and India went head-to-head against each other.

However, this game still haunts India as they fumbled the entire game when Jasprit Bumrah stepped his foot beyond the crease.

Although Earlier it looked like Bumrah had dismissed Fakhar Zaman, the third umpire’s decision was otherwise when replayed showed that Bumrah has overstepped the crease, and this proved costly for the bowlers and team India in general, as zaman scored an impressive century and gave India a 338 target in the first innings which proved too much for Indian to chase and they were all bowled out in 158.

Cover Credits: ESPNofficial