The news of India dropping to the second spot in Tests has been making rounds in the media but do you know the exact reason why India slipped to that spot despite having an enormous lead? Let's find out.

The ICC Board approved the recommendation put forth by the ICC Cricket Committee that is headed by the Indian veteran spinner Anil Kumble after the committee suggested that several series have been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic and led than 50 percent of WTC (World Test Championship) matches have been contested till date.

ICC expect a completion rate of 85% until the end of March 2021. Now, as per current rules any match not completed is considered a draw with the teams splitting point. The Committee had decided to keep it in this very easy before they opted to judge it on the basis of matches played.

Thus a new system known as 'Percentage of Points' was used to calculate the standings and by calculations using this criteria Australia leapfrogged India with a point percentage of 82.2 compared to India's 75.

Rankings Test
(Image Credits: ICCofficial)

The detailed explanation is as follows: The equation for the point percentage is as follows- Points won by a team/ Points Contested* 100.

India have 360 points at the moment while Australia have 296. However,  India has also contested for more points (480) compared to Australia (360), which results in a lower point percentage for India.

India are set to play Australia away and England at home during the decided WTC cycle.  Australia have an away series scheduled against South Africa while New Zealand are set to take on West Indies and Pakistan at home.

India completing these series will finish their cycle and compete for a total of 720 points while Australia, England and New Zealand have already missed a series against Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh respectively and that means they will be competing for a total of 600 points.

However, with the new system into play it would be fair for everyone as the team playing more games will not be at any advantage.

Featured image credits- ICCofficial