The India vs England Test match at Lord’s saw an interesting and funny incident when a pitch invader made his way into the middle with the Indian cricket team. He was dressed in an Indian team jersey with ‘Jarvo 69’ written on the back. As soon as security guards realized it, they ran to confront the person who instead directed at his Indian jersey and started ordering field changes. However, security guards were not amused, and they took back the pitch invader with them, leaving Indian players in splits.

Cricket history has seen quite a few pitch invaders, some interesting, and some downright funny. Cricwizz takes a look.

First cricket pitch invader

Cricket pitch invaders have been existent for a while. Test cricket saw its first pitch invader way back in 1975 when England and Australia were locked in a Test battle at Lord’s. A naked streaker, but with shoes and socks on, made his way into the ground and even attempted to jump over the stumps at the non-striker’s end, leaving the umpire and players amused. The streaker was identified as Michael Angelow. 

Australia vs India - CB Series 2nd final in 2008

Australia was chasing 259 for a win in the 2nd final of the CB series and they were 34/3 when the match was halted briefly after a naked pitch invader ran into the middle of play. Australian Andrew Symonds, who was batting then, knocked the streaker down with his shoulder before the security guards caught hold of the intruder. 

The invader was reportedly charged $1500 for his actions. In the same match, another naked streaker made his way into the ground before being caught by the guards. He had ‘Farewell Gilly’ mentioned on his chest as it was the last international series for Aussie legend Adam Gilchrist.

However, this was not the first time Symonds was involved in such an incident. He was seen getting into an infamous brawl with an intruder during a domestic one-day final between Queensland and The Warriors. Both the match and the invader slipped the hold of Symonds.

And a list of female streakers

The first female pitch invader was reported in 1996 when England and Pakistan were playing a Test match at Lord’s. The naked lady had breached the security and managed to run all the way around the ground before she was finally taken out of the park.

England vs Australia at The Oval Test in 2005

In the 2005 Ashes series, a female streaker interrupted the proceedings during the fifth and final Test at The Oval. She could not manage to go far as she was soon taken off by the guards. However, she did have a message. She had her back written in ‘goveg.com’ to probably signify going vegetarian is the best thing. 

New Zealand vs Pakistan in 2009 Wellington Test

Another female pitch invader stopped a Test match between New Zealand and Pakistan in Wellington in 2009 when she made her way into the ground and paused right in front of Kiwi batsman Ross Taylor, who held his head down to avoid eye contact with her. However, the semi-naked lady was soon escorted out of the ground by the security officials. It had no effect on Taylor who went on to make 97 during that innings.

Shocking: A car turns a pitch invader

We have heard about animals such as dogs invading sporting fields, but here is one unique pitch invader that made waves and shocked the cricketing world. In 2017, a car turned a cricket pitch invader during a Ranji trophy game between Delhi and UP. The man behind the wheel was allegedly drunk, and after finding the main gate unguarded, he drove his car right into the ground, and swerved his car twice across the pitch, leaving all players perplexed. The driver named Girish Sharma was held and taken away for investigation. 

Cover image: SportsCafe