The Tokyo Olympics 2020 is in full swing and we are seeing every event turn out to be super tight towards the end. With Cricwizz, there's always a question in and around cricket right? So to start with do you remember what happened when the only time Cricket was played was in the Olympics? To answer your question, we have a detailed analysis of the only cricket match that was played in the Olympics. 

Sadly, Cricket hasn't been a part of the Olympics since then but we've got another detailed piece on the reasons why Cricket should be included in the Olympics. Do have a look at it before we get to today's topic.

Now that Cricket seems to get its chance in the 2028 Olympics or after that, we will today discuss in detail the best feasible formats in which Cricket could be played in the Olympics.

Wasting no time, let's begin!

Test Cricket 

Ever imagined two teams playing cricket in the first round of the Olympics that lasts for five days? Would it be possible to finish a single round on time? 

No! The most traditional and the most real form of cricket has its pros but in this case, it's the cons that come up very evidently.

With so many nations participating, the qualifying rounds themselves would take so much time off the tournament's plate. Thus, Cricwizz's final verdict is that Test Cricket is out of the question as to the format that would get the nod if and when cricket finds its way in the Olympics.

ODI Cricket

Same as test cricket, even the time that goes into finishing an ODI match, it would take at least half a day to complete one match.

Usually, in Olympics we see multiple sports and events being played on the same day and the fact that Cricket in this format would take so much time would not be the most feasible option, despite the enormous fan base cricket possesses.

As far as our verdict is concerned, it's clear that cricket could be organized more efficiently, in a format that would be the perfect blend of good time allotment and also ample time for the teams to prove themselves.


The t20 format has already become the most commonly played format in the sport now. Be it domestic leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Big Bash League (BBL, etc. T20 has proved to be the format to have worked brilliantly.

In the Olympics as well, T20 could be a format that has enough points to be considered as a contender. With so many nations actively playing cricket, with several nations building their squads, the battle could be extremely competitive.

The Cricwizz verdict regarding this format is pretty much affirmative and the T20 format could be one of the integral contenders to be taken into consideration.

The Hundred

Well, to give you all the intricate details about the Hundred, we have it ready with every detail you would want to know about. Click here to know everything about the Hundred.

As far as the Olympics are concerned, the Hundred could put the T20 format at a big risk, replacing it as its concept is more detailed and viewers will witness something fresher.

The Hundred tournament has already amassed a great number of viewers and that shows that the format is worth its time. It's new and not everyone is well-versed with how things work in it.

The Hundred has a real chance of making it big in the Olympics. However, only time will tell whether it gets the nod or not. As far as Cricwizz's verdict is concerned, the Hundred format could be a solid way to mark cricket's return in the Olympics.


The T10 tournament played in Dubai, grabbing the attention of the world!

A format that needs a lot of recognition. A format that is still to be tried and tested on the international stage. However, the Olympics could be the best stage to introduce the world and all cricket fans to this format. Successful execution and planning could increase its reach for the future and we may see the T10 format boost up just like the T20s did during its time.

With all this, the T10 format is also perfect in terms of the format of the Olympics, as multiple sports could be carried out with ease, with no special arrangements done for cricket. The format is top-notch in every aspect. Be it time management, the competitive spirit, and also even the regular cricket-playing nations won't have an edge as they would be alien to this format too.

One con about this format is that viewers may not get to see their favorite national heroes perform with the bat in every game but every format has its cons. We just have to choose the one that works the best. With cricket, the shorter the format the more likely you are to witness action and drama.


The grandest stage of all could be set on fire with Cricket's comeback and with the T10 format, things could get up and running. The toughest contender the T10 format could face is the Hundred as it's already tried and tested once. However, if authorities plan the T10 format efficiently with ICC's compliance, we could have a new wave of budding cricket fans soon.

What are your thoughts? Which format would be the best suited for the Olympics? Let us know. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more updates. We bet you won't be disappointed.