Cricket as a game has evolved a lot over the years, with changes in formats, changes in rules. The game has grown to quench the thirst of different types of audiences around the world. Thus, today stands as the world’s second most-watched sport around the globe. 

Apart from the game itself, the players themselves have evolved from the traditional methods of the game. This change has not only led to many innovative strategies in the approach of the game but also seen in batsmen and bowlers. Batsmen think differently to maximize scoring of runs and execute shots which were unthinkable a while back. 

Today we bring you some of the best innovative cricket shots ever played in the game and the batsman who introduced them.

Dilscoop (Tillakaratne Dilshan)

Sri Lankan legend and destructive opener, Tillakaratne Dilshan invented the Dilscoop and wreaked havoc among the bowlers. The stroke is played by going down on one knee to a length or a short of a length delivery, bowled by a fast or medium-paced bowler. The ball is scooped over the head of the wicketkeeper, intending to travel to the boundary. 

Kiwi opener Brendon Mccullum also has his own variation of this shot called the Mccullum scoop. The New Zealand legend has often terrorized bowlers, raining down boundaries with no mercy. Such was his sense of innovation with the bat.

Helicopter shot (MS Dhoni)

Undoubtedly, the most famous cricket shot in the Indian subcontinent was invented by Captain cool himself, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The helicopter shot is one where the batsman flicks the ball toward the leg side when facing a yorker or a fuller-length delivery, finishing by twisting the bat in an overhead circle. One would need considerable strength to execute the shot, making it not an easy play.

Reverse scoop (AB De Villiers)

While different factors can weigh heavily in the ease at which runs are scored. These don't come into play when AB De Villers is on the crease. Finding different ways to score, The reverse scoop is a result of that peculiar shot of his. Using the pace of the ball pitched on the offside, Mr 360 changes his stance to reverse, and scoop the ball over the in-field for a boundary.

Upper Cut (Sachin Tendulkar)

The Indian legend known as Master Blaster is the creator of the Upper Cut. When pace bowlers used to terrorize Indian batsmen with bouncers. Tendulkar, instead of playing the delivery with a flat bat, met the ball at its peak, angling the bat upwards to propel it into the stands. His first against Pakistan in the 2003 Cricket World Cup is etched into the memories of many fans.

Switch Hit - Kevin Pietersen

Needing impeccable technique and innovation, switch hit is an ultra-advanced version of the reverse sweep to the fence with ease. Kevin Pietersen’s shot makes the batsman switch his stance completely- from right-handed to left-handed or vice versa- in a fraction of a second to thrash the ball into the boundary.

With cricket coming into the limelight of world sport, innovation will always have a place in the game. As the batsmen are looking to score maximum runs of every ball, we are sure to see more ingenuity in world cricket. 

With more heroes rising every day, keep a lookout for thrilling innings played anywhere around the globe. Let us know which is the most creative shot you are the biggest fan of.