The former England captain David Gower recently shared that Indian opener Rohit Sharma has become this successful as he is able to occupy the crease for a long time. He further added that Rohit plays with a lot of grace.

"(Mahela) Jayawardene and anyone with a certain grace at the crease -- no-one gets to see that grace if you get out. It is one of the great truisms of cricket that you can only make runs if you're at the crease. So, Rohit has to stay at the crease. I had to stay at the crease. Mahela had to stay at the crease. The great players of all time, whatever their style and grace, had to stay at the crease in order for people to appreciate them," Gower told Cricket.com.

David Gower   Rohit
David Gower (Pic credits: The Sun)

He further added, "At the moment, we see his (Rohit's) talent on show all the time because he makes stacks and stacks of runs so the work comes in to actually make sure that you have the determination, the ability, the technique, the calmness and the concentration -- all the things you need to actually occupy the crease for long enough to make those runs,"

However, Gower added that Rohit’s grace comes with a downside as sometimes he looks too relaxed which people think that he doesn’t care or it doesn't matter to him. He further added that although it looks as easy getting out as it does hitting a four or six. But one shouldn’t categorize things like if he gets a hundred one day and gets out quickly in the next that means Rohit isn’t taking the game seriously. It didn't work someday is not because he is not trying.

Currently, the entire world has been fighting against the global pandemic COVID-19 which has taken several lives across the globe and affected plenty as well. Although the situation has been getting better in some places and England has hosted their first Test against West Indies. Hope the action will soon begin in other places as well.

Cover picture credits: ICC Cricket