In a sport like cricket or any sport, representing your nation brings the Cricketers a lot of fame. However, everything that has an upside,  has a downside as well.

The downside in the past was an aggressive and violent reaction towards the players but today it has turned more towards trolling. So today, let's have a look at five players who are good but still get trolled.

Glenn Maxwell

A player who has saved Australia on multiple occasions, Glenn Maxwell is one of those players who has been subjected to trolling the most.

Be it his form, his approach, or his style, people always find fallacies in Maxwell's games which is quite unfair considering how his recent past has been.

This is one of the reasons why Maxwell was away from International cricket for a brief time as he needed time to get settled mentally and the player made his return in the IPL for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

He had one of his best IPL seasons for Bangalore and his form was reflected in the T20 World Cup as well. A lethal all-rounder who is often trolled despite doing so much for Australia.

Maxwell has 3230 runs in 116 ODIs, an average of 34.36, and a strike rate of 125.44. He also has 22 50s and 2 100s to his name. The fact that he possesses 51 ODI wickets is also commendable.

In T20Is, Maxwell has 1844 runs in 79 matches and 33 wickets. These numbers certainly don't deserve trolling.

Kedar Jadhav

Kedar Jadhav India Cricketers
Kedar Jadhav (Image Credits: CricketCountry)

Injuries seemed to be the biggest reason for the dip in his career but Jadhav still has done well for India. A middle-order batsman who can hold and carry the team towards the finish line, a player who can play his shots despite being under pressure, Jadhav proved that he once possessed all these qualities.

However, form and other concerns lately have led to a downfall that cost him his place in the Indian squad. But the fact that he's trolled so excessively is not fair for a player who hasn't been that bad.

Kedar Jadhav has 1389 runs in 73 ODIs that he's played, an average of 42.09, and a strike rate of 101.61. He also has 6 50s and 2 100s to his name. Criticism is fine but excessive trolling isn't. 

Kamran Akmal 

Kamran Akmal Pakistan Cricketers
Kamran Akmal (Image Credits: Getty)

Perhaps the most experienced player on the list but Kamran Akmal is one player who has faced more heat than he deserves. A player with over 150 ODIs and 58 T20I appearances for Pakistan, Akmal was more than an average wicket-taker.

But he received a lot of hate and trolling, especially when there were tough times in his career. Be it while wicket-keeping or while batting. Akmal's language issue was also trolled heavily by netizens and a player with 3236 ODI and 987 T20I runs doesn't deserve this.

Hardik Pandya 

Hardik Pandya has been in the headlines for multiple things and he is one more who doesn't deserve that much trolling but has some part in it too.

Pandya was heavily trolled for his comments on a TV show and since then, he hasn't been spared. Another reason for his trolling has been because of some people who wasted no time in calling him an ideal MS Dhoni replacement.

Pandya may be miles behind Dhoni but he still has done a lot to prove himself. Pandya has featured in 63 ODIs scoring 1286 runs, with an average of 32.97 and a strike rate of 116.91 with seven 50s too. In T20Is, 553 runs in 54 matches with a strike rate of 146.3, and thus, a talk show comment shouldn't be a reason for people to remember him.

Shimron Hetmyer 

Shimron Hetmyer West Indies Cricketers
Shimron Hetmyer (Image Credits:WIofficial)

In a star-studded West Indies squad, with almost every player an influential personality when it comes to T20Is and franchise cricket, Hetmyer has often received a lot of criticism, sometimes very harsh.

He was one of the players who was very consistent for the West Indies in their shambolic T20 World Cup outing this season but still, we doubt that he got the credit he deserved. However, when he failed to make an impact in his maiden IPL season, several fingers were raised considering his IPL contract.

Hetmyer is young and has a lot of years left in him, and is close to reaching 50 matches in ODIs and T20Is for the West Indies. Hopefully, with more promising performances like he did in the World Cup, people would stop with the incessant trolling.

What are your thoughts?do you have any other players in mind? If yes, then let us know! Stay tuned with Cricwizz for the best cricket content.

Cover Credits: BCCIofficial