Cricketers have been stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is no international, national or local cricket matches happening anywhere in the world. So, how our international cricket stars are spending time during the lockdown?

Indian stars

Virat Kohli

The Indian captain, who was easily the most overworked cricketer in the world before the pandemic, is making the most of the free time by spending quality time with his actress-wife Anushka Sharma. Last seen, Anushka has shared a video on social media where Kohli was imitating a dinosaur. In another video, Anushka had trolled Kohli, asking him to hit a four while he was reading. Kohli has also shared videos of him going through his workout drill. 

Shikhar Dhawan

Dhawan is having the fun of his life. He and his wife Ayesha are making fun videos on lockdown. In one video, the two shared how life was once lockdown started and how is life now after lockdown reached its third month. In the first instance, the two shared romance, but once lockdown continued, the two were seen bickering and fighting over managing household work.

Shreyas Iyer too joins the fun

The new star of Indian cricket is raking up humour videos with his family. He was seen doing catching up practice with the help of his family members. He was thrown clothes, eggs, remote, but Iyer does a great job of catching it all safe. He also trolled his sister, convincing her to be part of a fake workout. Iyer was also seen cleaning the house, with his favourite music on, during the lockdown.

The lockdown challenge

Sachin aces it 

Yuvraj Singh threw a challenge at Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh and Rohit Sharma to knock a cricket ball from the edge of the cricket bat. Yuvi managed to knock the ball around for 20 to 30 seconds. But Sachin, being the god of cricket, aced that challenge blindfolded. It was unbelievable that Sachin could knock the ball, from the edge of a cricket bat, without seeing. 

Foreign cricketers 

David Warner

The Aussie is having a ball with his family. He is posting numerous videos where he is seen dancing with his wife and two kids. In one such video, the whole family was seen dancing with glow on their body. But that’s not all. Warner even shook a leg to a popular Bollywood number with his kids. Well, Warner knows how to make the best of lockdown.

Chris Gayle

The West Indian cricketer is relaxing at his Caribbean home, but making sure it is filled with food, beer and loads of online fun. He has shared videos of him eating a hearty meal, a TikTok video of him grooving to a tune, and applying filters using various apps. The Universal Boss is making the most of this downtime, indeed.