In cricket, we have often seen teams giving away extras. We are in a period where a team not giving away any extras is a big achievement and it is something that has become a rarity.

Since the advent of the free-hit in 2007, bowlers have been more vigilant about how a single no-ball could exacerbate all the efforts they put in to save runs in an over.

In all of this, what if we tell you that there have been some bowlers who never bowled a single no-ball in their entire career?

Yes, that is possible and over thousands of bowlers who have been or still are a part of the sport, only some exceptional bowlers have made it to this remarkable list. 

So let's have a look at some bowlers who never bowled a no-ball in their entire career.

1) Dennis Lillee (Australia)

 Dennis Lillee Australia bowlers
 Dennis Lillee (Image credits- cricket.com.au)

Australia have had a plethora of exquisite fast bowlers, a couple in almost every decade. This was the time when Jeff Thomson and Dennis Lillee were the spearheads of Australia's fast bowling. 

Lillee picked over 880 first-class wickets, 355 Test wickets in just 70 tests, everything without bowling a single no-ball. Unbelievable, isn't it? To have done it where there were no free hits to penalize you, this feat by Lillee shows how disciplined he was.

Can you guess who is next?

2) Lance Gibbs (West Indies)

Lance Gibbs West indies bowlers
Lance Gibbs (Image Credits: CricketWorld)

Gibbs was the bowler who held a world record of 309 dismissals in 79 tests before Lille surpassed him, accomplishing it in fewer games.

The West Indian was surprisingly a spinner, something we weren't used to seeing back in the days, with the nation producing so many exceptional speedsters.

The fact that even Gibbs did not bowl a single no-ball is just an example of how bowlers were always aware of the smallest of the possible mistakes.

3) Kapil Dev (India)

Kapil Dev India bowlers
Kapil Dev (Image Credits: CricketClassics)

People often remember him as the captain who gave India the first World Cup which is true, but we often forget the fact that Kapil Dev is still India's best all-rounder ever. Stats and numbers may not be the best judge for it, but Kapil Dev was in a class of his own.

He played 155 Test matches and 255 ODIs but he never bowled a no-ball that makes him the only Indian bowler to do so, don't forget, he was an all-rounder!

4) Ian Botham (England)

Ian Botham England bowlers
Ian Botham  (Image credits- sportsmole.co.uk)

Sir Ian Botham was another star who had extraordinary qualities to change the fate of the game with his performances. His scintillating display in the 1981 Ashes series as he picked 39 wickets, and also fired 399 runs.

Having played over 120 games in all, Ian Botham picked 383 Test and 145 ODI wickets but the fact that he did all this without bowling a no-ball shows how great he was.

5) Imran Khan (Pakistan)

Imran Khan Pakistan bowlers
Imran Khan (Image Credits: CrickePakistan)

Pakistan's Prime Minister, Imran Khan was a legendary player of his times. Another player who could bat and bowl, and his knock in the 1992 World Cup final against England at Melbourne is still in the minds of several fans around the globe.

He featured in 88 Tests and 175 ODIs, picking up 362 Test wickets and 88 ODI wickets but he did it without crossing the line!

6) Graeme Swann (England)

 Graeme Swann England bowlers
 Graeme Swann (Image credits- eurosport.com)

He should've been on the top of the list to be the only bowler from the last two decades to do so but because everyone on the list are some of the most decorated players in the sport, we now begin with Swann.

Swann played cricket for almost 15 years, picked 255 Test wickets and 104 ODI wickets, Swann never stepped over the line. Now known for his light-hearted humor in the IPL commentary box, Swann did what maybe no one from the current generation or the future generations would manage to achieve.

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