The Coronavirus pandemic has left its footprint on every sector in the world, including the sphere of global sports. 

While popular sports like football and cricket have taken a huge hit due to the COVID-19 scare, there have been attempts on both the fronts to take baby steps towards the revival of both the sports. 

In this respect, the governing body of Indian cricket, BCCI, is looking to take important actions to bring the gentleman's game to its lost glory and here is a look at the plans that they are looking to implement.

According to the latest reports, the BCCI is looking to arrange an "isolation camp" for the players, which will be the first step towards resuming cricket in the country with the COVID-19 scare still existing. 

For that, BCCI is looking for a place, with due permission from the central government, to start this camp. As per their plan, the camp will consist of players, coaching staff and other people who will look after catering, security and housekeeping. It will, obviously, be in a quarantined atmosphere and will follow the health protocols prescribed by the government.

The Indian Cricket Team (Image Courtesy: Outlook India)

According to a BCCI official, "The safety of the players is the board's priority. We will have to work on the logistics and see if Bengaluru is safe enough. If things don't look absolutely fine, then we will look for areas in the country which fall outside the containment zones. The camp will be sanitised. And there is also an option of opening up local stadiums to senior players."

He added, "The players, team management and the cricket operations team are constantly in touch to deal with every issue."

Regarding the issues that might come as constraints for the BCCI in the way of fulfilling their mission of setting up the isolation camp, he said, "There are a lot of logistical issues. BCCI needs government directions and will adhere to it. The flight schedule and freedom of movement will have to be taken into account. The medical team is also in the loop."

Featured Image Courtesy: BCCI