We are lucky to be witnessing the first-ever World Test Championship Final but at the very same time, it feels terrible to see how the weather has crumbled the hopes of so many fans, especially the ones who turned up for the final. 

The Hampshire Bowl was scheduled to host the WTC final from June 18 to June 22 with June 23 allotted as the reserved date and now it is ascertained that the reserve day will be up in the action as rain intervened on day 1 and day 3 of the Test completely.

Looking at this scenario,  Cricwizz today brings you five alternate venues that could've hosted the World Test Championship Final.

Grounds from India and New Zealand are not mentioned as either of them would be an advantage for one and a disadvantage for the other. 

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) (Australia)

MCG Australia WTC final
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Melbourne Cricket Ground, established in 1853 famously known as "The Gabba," has a capacity of almost 90,000 spectators. A brilliant venue for Tests, MCG hosted is great Test match on March 15, 1877, while the latest game played on the ground was between Indian and Australia. 

The ground could've been a perfect place to host the World Test Championship Final as crowds are permitted to come to the stadium to watch the match. 

The ground has a history attached to it and it could've been another cherishable moment for the Indians had they won the final here,  achieving another epic feat in 2-3 months. 

The weather wouldn't have been an issue as well and there would've been five days of proper cricket to be played. The pitch too would've assisted both, the batsman and the bowler.

Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town South Africa WTC final
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One of the best grounds in South Africa, Cape Town has hosted several battles of pride and teamwork and this is another venue that could've taken care of the World Test Championship Final.

Also known as the "Sahara Park," the capacity of the ground is 25,000 and it hosted its first Test on March 25 1889 played between South Africa and England.

The English were also the last visitors at the ground in a Test match that took place on January 3, 2020.

The Cape Town Ground is also known as one of the most beautiful grounds in the world and it has undergone several changes. The weather would have been ideal for the final too and both the teams would have fought for ICC Test Mace equally.

COVID-19 wouldn't have been an issue too and at least the ground would've permitted equal or more than what the Hampshire Bowl is doing over the days. 

Queen's Park Oval (West Indies)

Queen's Park Oval West Indies WTC final
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St Clair Oval or Queen's Park Oval is another ground with 25,000 capacity that could've held an enthralling World Test Championship Final.

The first Test match was played on the ground in 1930 between West Indies and England, while the latest was played in the year 2018 between West Indies and Sri Lanka.

The ground wouldn't have been a bad choice to play the final as the crowd on the ground are in love with the sport. 

The weather would've been perfect too, while the pitch would've played its part in the game too.

Sharjah Cricket Ground (UAE)

Sharjah Cricket Ground UAE WTC final
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The ground has been instrumental in a lot of games over the years, held a successful IPL 2020 too, and would've been a fantastic option for the World Test Championship Final.

Possessing a capacity of 16,000, the Sharjah Cricket Stadium would've held the World Test Championship Final too, with a good enough crowd watching India and New Zealand play.

Having always been a reliable ground for several teams and associates, Sharjah has barely disappointed anyone.

The first Test on the ground was played between Pakistan and West Indies on January 21, 2002, while the ground witnessed its latest Test match on October 30, 2016, between Pakistan and West Indies.

The weather, crowd, and the pitch wouldn't have been an issue too and the world could've enjoyed five days of action-packed Test Cricket.

Galle (Sri Lanka)

Galle Sri Lanka WTC final
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Galle Stadium is also known as the Esplanade hosted its first Test match in 1998 between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, while the last test played on the ground was against Zimbabwe in July 2017.

The stadium was known for its magnificent beauty, especially the Indian Ocean that was visible from both sides of the ground. However, that also led to a disastrous tsunami that halted the progress of the stadium in 2004.

The pitch was a paradise for spinners and the weather would've been suitable for the World Championship Final. 

One might wonder why the grounds of England aren't used. One of the reasons is poor weather and the unpredictability of the conditions.

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