The entire board of Cricket South Africa resigned as announced by the organization itself. 

The board took to Twitter to announce the decision. The tweet said, "All independent and non-independent directors have now resigned." CSA also released a statement that said the resignations were accepted and should be considered with immediate effect. However, three directors will be acting as exceptions for the purpose of ensuring the continuity and stability of the organization until an interim board was told to take charge.

The board resignation included the acting president Beresford Williams too. Now the resignation of the other four members means that it is possible that an interim committee will be announced soon. Post the resignation, a meeting was declared among the representatives of a 14-member Council, which also comprises of presidents of provincial union affiliated to CSA.

South Africa (Pictures credits: Indiatimes.com)  south africa
South Africa (Pictures credits: Indiatimes.com)

An unknown source also reported saying that "Not all directors were happy to go but they were basically told they had to, we forced them," While the members resigned only from the board and pledged to remain united with the 'member's council', president Williams resigned from both the board and the committee. The three directors that are still associated with CSA are the non-independent ones. The three will be joined by Rihan Richards, who was chosen to be the acting president after Williams' resignation.

CSA has been under a lot of malfunctions since chief executive Thabang Moroe was suspended as a result of a forensic report that CSA denied to make public. The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee, a body for high profile sports demanded the board to step down in September in order for the (Sascoc) committee to assign a team to investigate the CSA.

The fate of the members' Council is not very uncertain but reports suggest that from now on no one will be permitted to be a part of both, the board and the Council.

Featured image credits- news18.com