For all the MS Dhoni fans, August 15 would be a sad day for them as he retired from all forms of international cricket, but he would continue to ply his trade in IPL. So, his last international innings turned out to be the 2019 World Cup semi-final against New Zealand where he was run-out in the dying moments of the game, while India was knocked out of the tournament. 

Coincidentally, he was also run-out in the first innings of his international career. But between those two run-outs, he has had a great career and served many examples for future generations to follow.

So, here are few legacies he has left in his 16-yr-old international career.

Nothing can be so wrong that cannot be dealt with

Dhoni is known for his successes as the captain, winning three major ICC titles. But he also went through the embarrassment of losing 0-4 to Australia and 0-4 to England overseas in the Test series. But Dhoni took it as a pinch of salt, and treated it the same way as his successes, and took the whitewashes on his chin. 

He knows things can never be so wrong that cannot be coped with. In fact, he led his team back to thrash Australia 4-0 at home in 2013, where he scored a double ton in the first Test. He conveyed that things are never permanent, and good things are always lurking after the bad times. 

Take risks – it’s better than not taking any risk at all

Dhoni was extremely successful as a skipper because he loved taking risks, even if it backfired on him on a few occasions. And his brave decisions paid off for him, winning him all the three major ICC titles. From taking the risk to giving Yoginder Sharma the last over in 2007 World T20, to promoting himself to No 5 in 2011 World Cup final, and making Rohit Sharma the opener in the 2013 Champions Trophy – all his risks paid off, giving rich dividends. 

Be humble no matter how successful you are

Dhoni has set many examples of his humbleness. Be it cleaning his own bikes, getting a hair cut from a local barber to meeting fans personally, Dhoni was never seen showing any tantrums or dissent. He has been a master of humbleness despite all his success. He has remained tied to his roots and given young budding cricketers an example to follow.

Be a leader in the true spirit

In all India’s winning campaigns under his captaincy, Dhoni is never visible in the celebration pics. If you look closer, you will find him hiding behind his teammates or standing at a corner, while he let his teammates soak in the winning moment. He had never taken the limelight away from any players and given them due importance. He has never criticized his players in public, but only praised them – that’s the hallmark of a true leader. 

Be committed to your work

Dhoni was leading the Indian team in the 2015 World Cup when he heard the news he has become a parent. There will still days before India was due to play their first match. Dhoni could have been pardoned for taking a few days' off and visit India to see his daughter. But he said his family can wait, while he does duty for India, serving a great example that commitment towards work is supreme.

Photo courtesy: MS Dhoni's Facebook page